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Ona Professional Restaurant Lighting

Aside from providing good food and service, restaurants must deliver a great ambiance to give their customers more reasons to keep coming back.

Ona Professional Restaurant Lighting restaurant lighting bar lighting client 3 300x200The restaurant’s ambiance can be influenced by hanging decorations around the space and through the lighting setup used to light up a dining space. However, how can you create a viable restaurant lighting plan for your business? Which fixtures are perfect for your business?

South Florida Lighting Design offers an affordable and effective Ona professional restaurant lighting service that will help you sort out your restaurant lighting stress-free.

Our team will visit your restaurant to determine which setup is perfect for your space and keep things within budget and compliant with safety and energy standards. We can even recommend smart solutions for your restaurant to make your lights more efficient to use than ever.

Our team is one-of-a-kind because, with our help, you don’t have to contact another company to fulfill certain aspects of the lighting project. We have lighting designers, electricians, installers, and maintenance teams on standby to assist you throughout the project, so your new lighting systems work smoothly every day.

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Effects of Restaurant Lighting on Your Establishment

During the course of the day, your restaurant lighting can match the mood you wish your customers to experience as they dine in your restaurant. Restaurant lighting can draw your customers in or turn them off if your lighting choices are not very good.

Ona Professional Restaurant Lighting luckyshuck 1 outdoor lighting restaurant lighting bar lighting client 1 300x219If you have a low lighting setup, it can bring in a relaxed and romantic atmosphere, which will encourage your customers to stay longer. It also creates an intimate atmosphere, especially in key areas where customers should have private time, like in the bar. However, it is important to remember that these low lighting fixtures should have enough ambient lighting to safely be used for daily tasks.

Meanwhile, bright lighting setups can help your customers stay alert and awake. This is the right setup for cafes and family-friendly restaurants. It also helps give the restaurant more natural light to make it more welcoming.

Restaurant Lighting During Different Times of Day

Ona Professional Restaurant Lighting bar lighting restaurant lighting client 1 225x300Considering the benefits of having the perfect lighting setup for your restaurants, it is crucial that your restaurant lighting matches the mood you want people to experience at any given time. For example, if you have different business hours to match different meal courses, you will need adjustable restaurant lighting to match it.

  • For breakfast service, bright lighting or natural lighting must be used to help customers stay awake and enjoy the start of the day.
  • For lunch service, moderate lighting is a must to help with fast turnover rates and help customers focus on their meals and zoom off to their next destination.
  • For dinner services, low lighting is recommended to give a relaxing vibe to inspire customers to stay longer and order more food. In turn, this will help you rake in good reviews and higher sales.

Our team at South Florida Lighting Design can assist in deciding how your restaurant can be lit up throughout your operating hours and achieve the right mood each time. We can design restaurant lighting plans for any type of restaurant and help you maintain it with no problems at all.

Common Types of Restaurant Lighting

For restaurant lighting, there are several types of lighting you can choose from. Certain areas may require specific types of lighting to match their purpose and must be operated differently during different times of the day.

Here are the three of the most common types of restaurant lighting you will see in restaurants that you must take into account for your restaurant:

Ona Professional Restaurant Lighting DSC07201 client 1 300x200Lighting Fixtures

This type of lighting is the most popular lighting system used for many restaurants. They include recessed lighting, candles, fluorescent lights, and other types of lights that are easy to control and adjust.

Natural Lighting

This type of lighting brightens up your entire establishment and can be used for free. To utilize this light, your restaurant must have tall windows, glass panel doors, and skylights to let the light freely come into the space.

Outdoor Lighting

Ona Professional Restaurant Lighting beacon 504 client 1 300x201When planning your restaurant’s lighting, you will need to consider how your restaurant’s exterior should be lit up. Outdoor lighting is used to catch the attention of potential customers and let existing customers know you are open for business. These lights also double as security lights, especially for key areas like entrances, sidewalks, and parking lots. It can also prevent vandalism, break-ins, and other accidents.

For your customized professional restaurant lighting system, our experts will consider all these types of restaurant lighting to create the right ambiance for your space. We can also recommend how you can use these new lights to your restaurant’s advantage and assist you in maintaining them to their top form, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them in the long run.

Smart Lighting

Time is money, and restaurants are very open to looking for ways to make their operations run smoothly and cost-effectively, even their lighting. There are now technologies available for restaurants to control and adjust their lighting features with the help of a smartphone and tablet. They can be configured and automated to suit the operating hours of the restaurant. Since you do not have to mind them at all, it can save you both time and money, as well as reduce the responsibilities of your staff.

If you want to explore the benefits of smart lighting, our Ona professional restaurant lighting team can handle it for you. We will help you pick the best smart lighting options for your restaurant, get them installed safely in your power lines and help you optimize its performance at any given moment. We can also upgrade your current restaurant lighting setup to incorporate smart lighting features or add-ons.

Custom Lighting Design Service

South Florida Lighting Design understands how important lighting is for your business, which is why it is our commitment to providing you with quality lighting services whenever you need it. We have been serving Ona clients since we started our business. They have praised our service for being personalized to suit their needs and is very affordable compared to other lighting services in the state.

Ona Professional Restaurant Lighting DSC07168 client 1 300x200For our Ona professional restaurant lighting service, we will visit your restaurant to see what is needed before we present you with a clear lighting plan that will suit your requirements. We can also check if your current lighting setup can be improved if you wish for us to reuse them for your new setup. Our electricians will be on the case to get the lighting fixtures installed safely in your power lines and prevent the onset of accidents in the long run. You can also trust us to maintain and repair your restaurant lights, whether it is inside or outside your restaurant.

Aside from restaurant lighting, we can also work on other lighting plans at South Florida Lighting Design. Some of the lighting plans we can make include indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, professional LED lighting, and more. Simply let our team know what you are looking for, and we will be on the project.

Free Consultation Today

Ona Professional Restaurant Lighting logo 3If you want your restaurant to succeed, partnering with a trustworthy Ona professional restaurant lighting company will help you show your restaurant’s appeal effectively through quality restaurant lights.

Our team will sit down with you to get your dream restaurant ambiance a reality and make sure they are efficiently installed so that you don’t need to replace them regularly.

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