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Lithia Commercial Lighting Design

For commercial spaces, whether they are offices or large government facilities, it is important that the lighting they use is consistent and long-lasting for continuous performance. With this in mind, lighting systems made specifically for commercial use are available in the market for businesses, companies, and large organizations to use.

Lithia Commercial Lighting Design outdoor lighting entrance lighting client 1 300x228Commercial lighting is an expensive investment, both upfront and during maintenance. However, it has a longer lifespan and is available in options with better energy-saving features. Before these commercial lighting fixtures can be fixed, they must match the use of the commercial space and meet the lighting standards set for commercial buildings by the government.

South Florida Lighting Design‘s Lithia commercial lighting design service offers expert advice and personalized lighting design services at affordable prices. Our team will create designs that will match your commercial space’s purpose and qualify under the current guidelines for commercial lighting. Whether you have an existing lighting system or wish to replace it entirely, we have the right team ready to do everything efficiently and in record time.

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Upgrading Commercial Lighting

Getting good lighting in your commercial facility or office has a significant effect on how well your employees and clients will feel about being in your space. If you are on the fence when it comes to upgrading your current commercial lighting setup or getting one installed in your new space, here are some reasons why you need to consider it:

Improves safety standards

Lithia Commercial Lighting Design Queens Flowers Photo by Robin Hill c HI RES 59 client 300x200Commercial spaces must be safe and easy to work on for your employees in order for them to deliver what is expected of them. If your commercial space has poor lighting, it can lead to health issues like eyestrain, lethargy, attention problems, and even accidents.

Increases productivity

Having good commercial lighting can help your employees become more inspired to work hard. Lighting can be used to invoke certain moods and atmospheres if done correctly, which can help in key situations such as meetings, production, and others.

Saves money

Finally, commercial lighting done right can also help you reduce your overall operational expenses. It also reduces the amount of money you have to spend on maintenance costs, and the quality of light is not compromised.

With these benefits in mind, it is recommended that you get an expert team to help you create a commercial lighting plan that will match your space. South Florida Lighting Design is ready to take on the challenge and help you install the best commercial lighting for your space. Our lighting experts can also check whether your space is properly lit in every corner to keep everyone safe and inspired while they work in your facility.

Shifting to LED Lighting

Lithia Commercial Lighting Design RCSIB Miami Lighting Design Photo by Robin Hill c lo RES 6 client 300x200Any business or organization would agree that costs should be reduced as much as possible to allocate more funds for productivity and sales. For some, they would turn to their lighting setup to see if they can find ways to lower its costs in some way. With traditional lighting options becoming more expensive to use and replace, LED lighting is becoming popular for commercial establishments to use as a cost-saving alternative.

For some, they believe LED lighting is expensive and doesn’t produce the same luminosity as traditional incandescent lights. While replacing your current traditional lighting is indeed costly, LED lighting has a lot of benefits for your commercial space, and here are some of them;


Lithia Commercial Lighting Design Bambu 2 client 1 300x257LED lighting is designed to be cost-saving compared to traditional lightings such as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. LED uses 95% of the energy it uses to make light compared to only 10% of the energy used by traditional lights to produce light. The rest are wasted as heat, which only increases your electric bills monthly. Since LED uses almost all of the energy productively as light, you will notice a sharp decline in your electric bill when it is in use.

Safe for the environment

As mentioned above, LED lighting uses most of the energy it consumes as light. When in use, these lights do not produce any harmful gases and components that can be harmful to the environment, such as argon and mercury. LED lights also do not produce UV emissions, which contributes to global warming.

Easy to Upgrade

While LED lighting is initially expensive if you are replacing an entire lighting system, the prices of these lights are now dropping because of their benefits and popularity. If you have an existing lighting system, you don’t have to remove it completely to use LED lights because they are designed to work with traditional designs easily.

Improves Productivity

Once in use, LED lights can provide your employees with proper lighting that can help them focus better and prevent fatigue. Some LED lights even mimic natural sunlight, which can help with keeping the body alert and energized throughout the day. Since your workers are working in a properly lit environment, they will be more focused and deliver results consistently.

Long life expectancy

Lithia Commercial Lighting Design UM S IOR 4884F 300x194Finally, LED lights have a longer life expectancy than fluorescent bulbs. One LED light bulb can last up to 100,000 operating hours before there is a need to replace it. In comparison, fluorescent bulbs can only perform in fewer hours, and there is a high possibility that they break even before their expected replacement period.

Ready to make the switch? South Florida Lighting Design’s LED lighting team is ready to help you with the process and modernize your commercial lighting to LED.

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Custom Lighting Design Service

South Florida Lighting Design has been the trusted Lithia commercial lighting design company of many small and large businesses, organizations, and companies in the region since we opened our doors to clients. Our clients often comment about our personalized services, which allow them to achieve their intended working environment through their lighting.

Lithia Commercial Lighting Design beacon 504 client 1 300x201When you reach out to us, the first thing that will occur is our free consultation service. During this period, you can ask us about our services and let us know about your project. We’ll provide you with expert advice and recommendations to design your commercial lighting system based on your needs. We are open to helping any type of company or business and work with existing commercial lighting fixtures you may have. We can update them for you with no problem at all and make sure they work well with your new installations.

Once you agree with our proposal and quotation, our team will immediately get to work to install your new commercial lighting. Our electricians will get the fixtures connected correctly to your power lines and prevent any potential dangers in the process, as well as get them installed securely in place. We can also help you maintain and repair your lighting fixtures to maximize their performance.

You can also reach out to us for your other lighting needs. We can also help you with residential lighting, landscape lighting, and other similar projects.

Free Consultation Today

Lithia Commercial Lighting Design logo 3Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, getting an expert to check your commercial space’s lighting system is an investment you shouldn’t miss. Our Lithia lighting design company is always ready to provide you with a customized commercial lighting design service that will help you achieve your business goals and save you a lot of money in the process.

Let our team know what you are looking for in your Lithia commercial lighting design setup, and we’ll provide you with smart solutions that will save you both time and money. Call us today to find out more!

Call South Florida Lighting Design today at (786) 460-7440 for your Free Consultation with a Lithia Commercial Lighting Design Specialist!